(A Few) Comics We Read

A just plain wonderful story-style webcomic. Read it yourself to know what I mean.

You must take a look at this. This artist updates once a week, but you get 3-4 pages in that update. I can't believe how much wonderful art she turns out. An inspiration.

A fun and funny little comic about were-squirrels and other wacky things. The author's heart-warming characters really won me over.

I can honestly say that this is the only comic that got me to buy two print volumes within 24 hours. It's been around in print for a while and is now (partially) available online. Definately a must read.


The Masked Lioness' Deviant Art Account
This would be the artist's other, non-Duchess Mew related work.

Wildly amazing art and 3-D modeling by a good friend of ours. Truly a professional of the business and craft.

Role-Playing Games

An excellent forum for gamers. Look up the artist as "Locusta".
Better Mousetrap Games:
An independent game company that publishes some excellent games in PDF and print formats.

Fellow CGers

Thanks to the following sites for graphics, etc:
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