The daughter of the local duke, Amelia was the victim of a kidnapping and transformation. Our heroes rescued her, but the old magic seems to be dying hard. Amelia is 18, blond, and blue eyed with a perchance to behave like a perfect princess. There is nothing this little duchess wants more than to get back on her own turf.
A powerful wizard when dealing with his area of expertise, Azom and Brune were a lethal pair during the war. Now that peace has settled on the land, the two friends work as mercenaries for hire. Azom can be pretty high-strung, but that's because their plans never seem to work out quite right.
The strong sword to Azom's powerful magic, Brune is the type-B personality of the pair. Completely unflappable, he keeps his eye on the silver lining and can roll with whatever life throws his way. While Brune has let himself go since the war, he is still more than capable of protecting any under his care.
This mysterious, fae-born woman is the best seamstress in the land. She has a working relationship with our heroes and enjoys being involved in their little schemes.
The wizard that kidnapped Amelia. Now deceased.

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