About Duchess Mew

About the Story

Second rate heroes for hire: Azom, a wizard who can't create magic, and Brune, a seasoned veteran who's a bit past his prime, are hired by the Duke of Toulouse to rescue his daughter from the sinister clutches of the evil wizard Melizo. Figuring it was just the right job for them, as a duchess could be considered by some to be a second-rate princess, the duo wasted no time in rescuing the fair maiden. Unfortunately, their fair maiden was now an adorable white feline. This is where the story begins.

The Setting

Our heroes dwell in mythic Europe in a land with a passing resemblance to France in the 13th century. It is ruled by rich nobles and worked by serfs and peasants. Magical things dwell in the forest, hiding from human eyes. Wizards dwell in their covenants, hidden from those in the church who flay them for their forbidden knowledge or that's how it used to be. The Great Order of Magi erupted into a civil war that threatened to engulf mortal and magi alike. Nobody won that war and today the surviving magi are truly rare indeed.

About the Artist

The Masked Lioness, not my real name of course, is the humble artist of Duchess Mew. She lives in Boston with her husband (the author in question above) is currently happily enrolled as Simmons College in pursuit of her Masters of Library and Information Science. Besides the comic, she also enjoys sewing, reading, and making up web pages.

About the Author

Sir Pounce is a graduate student at Boston University where he spends time swearing at computers and cells. A total and complete gaming geek he divides his remaining time between writing, video games and table top RPGs. In addition to writing Duchess Mew, he is working on a supplement for Better Mousetrap Games. He lives with his wonderful wife, the Masked Lioness.

Duchess Mew and all characters there in are copyright (2005-) Dan & Amanda Potter.
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